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Enterprise Deal Software that Won't Break The Bank.

Your business is your business.  We want you to thrive.

You can plugin your own payment gateway or opt to have DDB be the Merchant on Record.

We can also add nearly any payment gateway into your account with nominal development fees.  What’s even better is that we give you full back-end access to integrate it, or anything else you want,  yourself.

We make the process easy for you whether or not you fit one of the below:

  1. You are starting and launching a deal site from scratch
  2. You want to add a deal or coupon component to your existing website
  3. You want to transfer your current site to the Daily Deal Builder platform.

Right out of the box, your site is optimized to accept payments from mobile devices, and your users can easily redeem their coupons and vouchers from their mobile devices.

Creating offers is a brilliant process.  Queue out the pricing details and contract directly to the merchant from your admin panel.  Once approved (or manually approved by you), you can then easily build out your offers. Sell anything! Whether it’s a prepaid offer, product offer, free coupons, affiliate offers, or contests  These offers are specifically designed to convert users into repeat buyers.

Sell product offers with multiple options such as sizes, colors, or weight.

Turn on or off these options on a per offer basis.  This has been proven to increase conversion rates.  We recommend running the countdown timer with appx. 48-72hours remaining in the offer.

User generated recommendations are a vital way deal and coupon sites grow.  DDB gives you the features to encourage social sharing and the referring of friends.  On each offer, you can also plugin a tracking code / marketing pixel as well.

Because DDB has a built in shopping cart, a user can choose an offer to add to their cart, and proceed continue shopping.  They can also choose related products at time of checkout to include in the order.

Sell via multiple images and / or a video.  Higher priced items have been found to  convert higher with a well crafted video.

Giving your users this option can save them time in the future and help increase the rate of repeat buyers.

Enable the option for users to check out on your site via guest checkout in lieue of filling out full user registration.

Email marketing still reigns supreme as the most effective marketing tool for deal and coupon sites to make sales.  Our email manager allows you to easily queue out emails.  Integrated with Sparkpost and Mailchimp (other integrations available).

Run offers with multiple different price points such as a 30 min. massage OR 60 min massage.

Encourage your customers buy one for themselves and one for a friend!

Grow goodwill with your customers, save refunds, and run extra special savings by utilizing site credits and promotion codes.

3rd party integrations with Bill.com allow you to easily manage your merchant payouts.  DDB can act as the Merchant on Record, or you have the option to be MOR for your site.

Your site will look and function perfectly well on any mobile device or tablet.

Allow users to login or register to your site using Facebook Connect.

A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device. … Push notifications look like SMS text messages and mobile alerts, but they only reach users who have installed your app.

The process of redeeming coupons for your customers and merchants is simple.  Use unique key that merchant can plugin their merchant portal.  Use the DDB Redemption app.  Or even plug in with a 3rd party call service like callfire.

We have been in the deal industry for over 10 years and have continually consulted and created content that helps deal and coupon sites maximize revenue and grow subscribers.  We will regularly hold round table webinars for our publishers and release updated marketing strategies for you to help you maximize your efforts.

Grow your site across multiple  geographic locations and niche markets.

Our platform is robust.  It has ran over $50Million annually through it in the past and our reporting features give you and your accounting team exactly what you need (and more).

The platform allows you to set each offer as either Pay On Redemption or Pay On Sale.  This means you either pay the merchant out ONLY when vouchers are marked redeemed (Pay On Redemption), or you pay them out for all sales (Pay On Sale).

Create ad widgets that can be placed on other sister or affiliate websites.

Create landing pages to effectively capture site visitor email addresses.

Issue press releases from inside your admin panel.

Create and manage various employees within your organization.