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The Importance of Building a Pre-Launch Buzz

All products, websites, businesses, movie releases, etc. put themselves in a better position when they successfully build up a pre-launch buzz and audience.

  • Apple releases slick videos and keynote presentations getting people hyped up about their upcoming iphone releases. These have a direct impact on people pre-ordering the devices, spreading the word, and directly impacting bottom lines.
  • Movies will spend nearly as much on advertising their trailers as they do for actual production of the movie. Again, getting people hyped and prepared to buy the movie tickets has a direct impact on their bottom lines.
  • Authors go on book tours and speaking tours prior and during their book launches.
  • Websites, daily deal sites & any e-commerce site who successfully either build up a pre-launch list or invest into paid advertising are able to product far greater results out of the gate than starting from nothing.

The larger your prelaunch list is…

… ┬áthe more sales you will make out of the gate.

… the happier your merchants & partners are out of the gate.

… the more likely you are to receive social shares and user generated recommendations out of the gate.

… the more money you will make out of the gate.

In other words, it kick starts the engine and gets the ball moving in the right direction.

It’s a little depressing to launch a site and have your first offer not make any sales.

Spend time, money and energy building up buzz about your upcoming website / product release.

Marc D. Horne

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This is perhaps the most important element, if you do manage to get an opportunity then what channels will the partner use to help promote the story? Do they have a large social following? Or perhaps a 1 strong mailing list?

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