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Black-Hat SEO is Dying!

Black-Hat SEO is dying…

Thankfully, search engines are continually getting smarter.  At this point, they can pretty easily figure out who is trying to “game” the system and do Black-Hat SEO

The fact of the matter is that if you are trying to game the system, generate huge amounts of crap backlinks (spam links), or copying others content, the search engines will know.

Eventually, poor linking strategies will catch up to you and you will receive a notification from Google that says something to the effect of, “we have removed your entire website from Google.”

You NEVER want to get that email.

Yes, there are still people who claim to be SEO masters who use black-hat tactics.  And yes, sometimes they might even work…  But thankfully, that is a dying art.

IF you are in the business of focusing on Search Engine Optimization and growing traffic organically, I’m excited to share that we’ve just released a new self-serve SEO management tool that is worth your time to check out.

Make moves today,

Marc D. Horne
Co-Founder of DailyDealBuilder.com


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Yes, SEO now a day getting changed. It needs only unique content.

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